How to get a product for FREE

You can purchase Project V (Vision) products completely FREE!

Get cash bonuses and pay for your purchases!

As a partner of the Project V (Vision) FREEDOM GROUP community, you can recommend products to people who care about their health. Thousands of people today recommend Project V (Vision) products and receive cash bonuses for this (for free use of the product) or a stable income. In order to use the products for FREE, you need to do simple actions that we do in our life very often!

The scheme is very simple:

Step 1 You have already purchased Project V (Vision) products at a discount and are using them.

Step 2 You recommend to your friends high-quality, certified Project V (Vision) products, which you yourself use. After all, you always advise them something good that you have tried yourself!

Step 3 If your friends are interested in health products, then you register them in the Sessia application in one of the following ways:

  • Method № 1 In your Sessia, in the «Reports» section, there is a signature: «My referral link», which you can share with your friends. Your friends register in the Sessia application using this link (under you).
  • Method № 2 You give your friends and acquaintances your ID number (guarantor ID, sponsor ID) to register in the Sessia application. They register in the Sessia app (under you).
  • Method №3 You yourself register your friend in the Sessia application (for this you need his data: name, surname, phone number, country, email, confirmation code that comes to his phone).
  • Method № 4 If your friend is sitting nearby, you and he have a smartphone, then you can register your friend in the Sessia application (under you) in a second — by scanning a QR code through the mobile version of the Sessia application.

All is ready! Your friends’ purchases after registering with Sessia (for you) are automatically linked to you.

Now, when you make even the minimum order of Project V (Vision) and make purchases by your friends (in one month) who have registered in Sessia (under you), you will receive cash bonuses that will be automatically calculated and displayed in your Sessia and you can pay them for their purchases at any time, starting from the next month. You receive cash bonuses for all purchases of your friends (partners) with purchases up to 190 CV. When you pay for the order in your Sessia (if there is a cash bonus), you will see the inscription: «Pay with bonus».

And if your friends also want to get a free Project V (Vision) product and repeat your actions, then this may already be your online additional earnings on the Internet (subject to certain conditions). If you have 190 CV in Sessia (at the end of the month) and your registered friends (partners) also have 190 CV in Sessia, then you will see your cash earnings in Sessia next month. The money can be removed, as well as pay for their purchases in Sessia. By the way, all your purchases and purchases of your friends (partners) up to 190 CV are summed up. For example: You have 47.5 CV, your one partner has 47.5 CV, your other partner has 95 CV. In total, you have 190 CV.