ICO Cryptaur — Kryptowährung

Attention! Pre-sale of Cryptaur tokens is over! Please, follow the further stages of selling the tokens on a specific schedule. Already collected more than $ 30 million, and the number of active investors is more than 50 thousand people!

Welcome to Cryptaur! We invite you to join our project that is a whole universe of new exciting opportunities. In a nutshell, we are here to enable consumers around the globe to have more for less. Yes, our goal is to double the purchasing power of each consumer’s money. To this end we launch a decentralized platform to host a global virtual «hypermarket» for an unlimited number of goods and services. At our platform, suppliers and consumers will interact directly, while middlemen with their draconian markups will no longer be needed. Be among the first backers of the project to grab your crypto-tokens with incredibly generous bonuses! DO NOT MISS YOUR CHANCE!

Platform Cryptaur

logoWe are a spirited FinTech startup on a mission to disrupt the traditional commercial channels through the utilization of blockchain technology. Specifically, Cryptaur aims to create a decentralized ecosystem with a focus on establishing a fully transparent platform for consumers. This transparency is implemented via a blockchain technology, that of which allows for users to maintain their original payment habits, avoid the need to learn about cryptocurrency complexities, and dramatically shallows the steep learning curve associated with this technology.

In essence, Cryptaur is a decentralized applications store with a mission to transform and ultimately allow for the implementation of a reinvented shared economic system. Rooted in its mission to bring person to person interaction to the forefront of consumerism, Cryptaur’s platform is grounded in blockchain, a technology that can be employed to hone in on the benefits of decentralization while bringing it to mainstream audiences. Cryptaur’s ecosystem curates products and services for enhanced consumer and community driven trust.


We believe that technology is more than a means to an end, and should be accessible to all regardless of their technical knowledge. We believe that consumers are entitled to transparent information to make better decisions, and as a result, our socially driven ecosystem ensures that  consumer’s interests are at the core of commercial transactions.

The Cryptaur vision is to make decentralized technologies available to consumers. Cryptaur is building an ecosystem for dApps (“decentralized applications”) that benefits the consumers the most. This ecosystem is owned by the community of consumers themselves.



Bridging the decentralized and traditional economy, Cryptaur allows anyone with a computer or a smartphone to transact on the blockchain without having to change their payment habits, buy cryptocurrencies, or learn about the technology.

Cryptaur leverages the social connections between users to curate products and services, ensuring that information and reviews come from trusted sources of influence, rather than advertising and paid product placements.


The Cryptaur ecosystem is the ideal environment for any commercial activity where trust and transparency are key to protect the consumers. This includes peer-to-peer commerce, business to consumer exchanges, sharing economy applications.


Blockchain technology allows Cryptaur to provide users with real-time and fully transparent information on the products and services of our dapps, allowing them to make better purchasing decisions.
Cryptaur used social and behavioral psychology to create attractive user incentives to support the growth of the ecosystem and reward contributions to a better consumer experience for the community.


With its developer toolkit and its dapp incubator, Cryptaur opens its ecosystem to existing and future dapps to bring decentralization to the consumers.

TOKEN SALE (Kryptowährung)

The Singapore-based Cryptaur Foundation will oversee the Cryptaur fundraiser. It will recommend a token allocation based on contributions in Bitcoins and Ethers.

Registered users will be able to continue to invite new members to their groups by sending referral links from their personal cabinet.

The sale will take place in four stages. At each stage, their conditions will apply.

The first stage of the sale will take place from November 27 to December 7, 2017. At this stage, the Cryptaur tokens will be sold at a 40% discount on the first day and 20% on all the remaining days of the first stage. When reinvesting previously credited bounties, the same discount values will apply. The minimum payment at this stage is $ 50 (in equivalent CPT). The new referral system receiving bounty:

  • From the 1st level: 3%
  • From the 2nd level: 3%
  • From the 3rd level: 3%
  • From level 4: 3%
  • From the 5th level: 4%
  • From the 6th level: 4%

To receive a bounty, a participant must have at least 10,000 CPT on his account. The opportunity to reinvest the accrued bounties in the CPT at a 20% discount will continue from November 28, 2017 to March 19, 2018.

The second stage of the sale will take place from January 22 to January 31, 2018. Discount for tokens is provided only on the first day of sale at a rate of 20%. The minimum payment for the second stage will be set at $ 50 (in CPT equivalent). At this stage, the referral program for receiving bounty operates on the same conditions as during the first stage.

The third stage of the sale will take place from 12 to 20 February 2018. At this stage, a discount is not provided. It will be possible to reinvest previously credited bounties in Cryptaur tokens at a 20% discount. The minimum contribution and referral program will remain the same as in the previous stage.

The fourth stage will be held from 5 to 12 March 2018. At this stage, a discount on tokens is not provided. The minimum payment is 1000 dollars (in CPT equivalent). The system for obtaining bounties remains the same as in the previous stage. During this phase, it will be possible to reinvest the previously received bounties in tokens at a 20% discount. This opportunity will remain until March 19, 2018.


Following the example set by the Ethereum Foundation, there is no cap on the amount of contributions that will be accepted by the Cryptaur Foundation. This is done in order to ensure that participation is not limited only to insiders or the “fast-fingered”. Though the amount of CPT Tokens allocated is denominated in ethers, contributions may be made in bitcoin, that will be implicitly converted at the prevailing rate on a best effort basis.

Calendar of the campaign for the sale of Cryptaur tokens:

Stage 1: November 27 — December 7, 2017.
Stage 2: January 22 — January 31, 2018.
Stage 3: February 12 — February 20, 2018.
Stage 4: March 5 — March 12, 2018.


This discount is meant to incentivize contributors not to delay their participation. The discount starts at 40%, meaning that a contribution of $1.00 USD will yield an allocation of 166.7 CPT and decreases progressively to 0%.


  • Cryptaur30% – Fundraiser / Token Sale Representing the contributions made during the fundraiser and be allocated at a rate of 100 CPT per $1.00 USD plus a bonus depending on the time at which the contribution is made.
  • 20% – Cryptaur Team Representing 20% of the total number of tokens issued. These tokens will vest over a period of 3 years.
  • 20% – Cryptaur Operations and Development An allocation of 20% of the total Cryptaur tokens (CPT) to The Cryptaur Foundation Budget for stakeholder voted projects. The projects must be within the charter of the foundation to facilitate the growth and development of the Cryptaur Protocol.
  • 30% – Incentives 30% will be issued to encourage the growth of the Cryptaur ecosystem.


Registration Cryptaur is available at any time, and the purchase of tokens is possible only on schedule.

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